h2oarts water feature technology
h2oarts water feature technology
h2oarts h2o.io
h2oarts h2o.io communication and control appliances consist of a range of low-cost programmable hardware products with an http interface, customized for the needs of water feature systems.

h2o.io monitors the status of various water feature subsystems via digital and analog inputs, and responds to changes with email/text communications and direct outputs.

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h2o.io was borne out of the observation that even sophisticated water feature control systems often lack basic status reporting functions. if an automated subsystem shuts down operation due to a fault, it is quite likley no maintenance personnel will know until someone physically notices the water feature is off. h2o.io automatically sends text/email when an event occurs. further, it can be enabled to respond back to the system after an event, set up via an ip addressed html interface.

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feel free to ask for a specification and budget for your particular need.

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h2oarts water feature technology
h2oarts subsystem panels

in addition to its dmx-out show control systems, h2oarts is now offering design and production of show control panels which incorporate all dmx distribution and conversion hardware as required per project. in alliance with a licensed california electrical firm, we ship complete ul-approved panels equipped with dmx splitters and mergers, dmx analog converters, dmx driven relays, timers, wind control, communication and internet components...all low dc and 120v ac voltage products to control water switches and valves, vfds, led?lighting, i/o, etc.

ask for a complimentary system schematic and cost estimate for your project!

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