scott palamar of h2oarts at cincinnati's washington park interactive water feature.
water feature conceptual design | a fountain's creative animation possibilities are only as dynamic as its device count and layout offers. so it can be said that the best person to design a musical fountain is the programmer (who is left to make the most of what got installed)! h2oarts is all about content (= programming), and occasionally we get an opportunity to provide input on conceptual design before the fountain is built. we value this opportunity so much we often do it for free...just ask!

show control specificatio
n | h2oarts has developed proprietary show control systems out of a perceived need for improvement to the existing pre-programmed offerings and the complete lack of automated systems. since each water feature has its own needs, at start-up and for the future, h2oarts is primed to provide quick specifications and cost estimates...yep, just ask!

show control panel manufacturing
| h2oarts offers sub-panels incorporating show controllers and all dmx distribution and conversion modules to control a specified water feature. additionally, panels include internet communications, monitoring inlcuding wind, and input/output to/from other systems

simulation & show design | h2oarts long ago developed a real-time 3d water feature simulator as a tool for efficient off-site pre-programming. over the years, it has been requested for use as a pre-visualizer marketing and approval tool for clients as well, so we can specify simulation as part of a project bid for these purposes. see examples of the simulator here.

show programming | content is at the core of h2oarts, which has over 15 years of experience programming musical (and non-musical) water features. coming out of a multimedia background, we've endeavored to customize or invent authoring systems when stock offerings have fallen short. while we like to think we have evolved show control systems beyond the standard solutions, we remain happy to apply our programming experience on gilderfluke, pharos/mosaic, color kinetics, and other common dmx output systems.

commissioning | often times h2oarts is asked to program brand new water features. because we generate test programs as part and parcel of our creative efforts, it makes a lot of sense for us to be involved in the startup of 'virgin' fountains. when involved early enough, we can ship a show control system with pre-programmed test sequences that can be triggered remotely when an internet connection is present on-site well before we arrive. again, just ask!

photography | we photograph and video our work for portfolio purposes. principal scott palamar was previously an architectural photographer, so we tend to do a pretty good job of documenting our work. so good in fact we are sometimes commissioned to photo/video for our clients. we like to do this, so please ask!

consulting | we will be the first to say that water features are complicated beasts! there are many pitfalls in the design and construction of a fountain, and h2oarts has witnessed a lot of trouble on site! we and our engineering and product supplier associates can see to it that things get done right when we are brought in early enough. we have saved our clients bundles of cash by heading off problems before they occur, and it makes our job of programming much more efficient to boot! don't be shy to ask for our (gratis) advice before you ever break ground!

h2oarts principal scott palamar has been involved in water features since 1998, as an outgrowth of his business of designing and producing interactive multimedia applications (see after pioneering work in what evolved into the internet, scott ultimately applied his multimedia philosophy of finding the optimal technology for the aesthetic end product onto water feature systems. in the process, he developed a real time 3d simulator, a musical automation system, an input/output appliance for improved human-machine communication, and a super cost-efficient preprogrammed content system ("gilderfluke killer"). the goal is always to make for the best possible 'end user' aesthetic experience while maintaining maximum cost-effectiveness and reliability. h2oarts welcomes you to ask for input on your water feature project, be it for creative content, show control technology, or both! call or write!